The right focus

Karma Sushi always act with care to achieve good karma

We create our high quality and unique flavour through hard work and great care. Therefore, it has always been a matter of course to think about sustainability and the environment when it comes to success criteria. We are in close dialogue with our suppliers to ensure that our products are caught under the best possible conditions, as well as we use products with minimal environmental impact.

All of our seafood has either MSC certifications, ASC certifications, Alaska Seafood Standards Certification, Global Trust, Friend of the Sea, CITES or Global G.A.P.
In addition to this, our publications are printed in a carbon-neutral process and marked with The Nordic Eco-label, which also applies to our cleaning products.
Our laundry, which is also marked with The Nordic Eco-label, has a strong focus on minimizing chemicals and environmental impact.

Several parts of our packaging is made of cardboard and recycled paper, while our gift cards are made of recycled wood. Part of our waste is recycled into biogas, biodiesel and eco-friendly solutions

Let us think about the environment and create good karma together.

Good to go

Enjoy your sushi here or at home

At Karma Sushi you always get good sushi – and whether it is in one of our restaurants or in the form of takeaway, quality and taste is always at the same high standard.