The story behind Karma Sushi

Told by Morten Hansson, owner and chef

It all started when I – as a child – had a great interest and passion for food. Because of this it did not take me long to decide that I wanted to become a chef. Initially, this led to me educating from French cuisine. When I had served my apprenticeship as a chef, I had a burning desire to be independent but I did not want to have any investors involved; I wanted to succeed on my own.

I therefore announced that I would open a sushi restaurant in Frederikshavn but I was met with scepticism from my surroundings. This did not bother me, on the contrary; the more people doubted, the more I wanted it.
Originally, the restaurant was to be located in Copenhagen where I come from but it soon proved to be beyond economic reach since I was only in the early 20s and without any savings.

The road to good Karma (Sushi)

It has been hard but it has been worth it

To start Karma Sushi and make my dream come true of being the owner of my own sushi restaurant has cost me dearly. At first it was my Ford Escort and later my apartment in Copenhagen that had to be sacrificed. The car served as a moving van and was transporting construction material while the apartment was to cover for the financial resources. This meant that I could open the first Karma Sushi restaurant in April 2007.

The reason why I chose to open a sushi restaurant was due to my opinion of sushi being a good, healthier alternative in the Northern part of Denmark where there – at the time being – was no other provider of this specific food. In addition to this, sushi is both healthy and delicious and also has a very inviting look which is appealing to many, I think. Sushi also fits well nowadays where focus on health is steadily growing alongside with us having a busy schedule.

Philosophy and vision

– creating moments

My philosophy in connection to Karma Sushi is to be an alternative to unhealthy food. I also strive to create good moments for our guests.

My goal is for Karma Sushi to be nationwide and present in all major Danish cities and later on, also in Europe.

I hope you found my story interesting and I look forward to seeing you in one of my restaurants.

Yours sincerely,
Morten Hansson