28 pcs. / 399 DKK.

2 x Salmon

2 x Tempura tofu
Topped with vegan Japanese mayonnaise, orange seaweed roe, teriyaki syrup and chives.

2 x Tuna tartare

Tuna mixed with Japanese mayonnaise.

2 x Hosomaki

With avocado and spring onion. Topped with pickled wasabi.

4 x California Roll

Surimi, avocado, cucumber and sesame. Topped with avocado crème and crunch.

4 x Tempura Roll

Tempura shrimp and avocado. Rolled in two kinds of sesame.

4 x Spicy Tuna Roll

Tuna, cream cheese, wasabi tobiko, spring onion and “yamagobo”. Rolled in chives. Topped with chilli crème and crispy lotus root chips.

8 x Karma Style Maki Mono

Hosomaki with salmon. Topped with cream cheese, crunch, trout roe, crunch syrup and cress.

(8 pieces +125,-)

Sizzling Tuna

Tempura shrimp and seaweed salad. Topped with tuna, sesame, sesame crème, trout roe, chives and fried garlic. Served with herb marinade.


Please be aware that…

  • Wednesday menu and the weekly supplement roll change every week.
  • The Wednesday menu is ONLY available as takeaway (pick-up)
  • The Wednesday menu must be picked up before: 6:00 pm.
  • Since we have a lot of orders every Wednesday, the Wednesday menu must be ordered on Tuesday at 9:00 pm the latest.
    For orders on the day, a fee of 50 DKK will be required
  • The weekly supplement roll can only be ordered when ordering a Wednesday menu
  • It is not possible to make any modifications or changes in the Wednesday menu.