28 pcs. / 328 DKK.

2 x Nigiri of the Day
Dehydrated tomato topped with pickled wasabi and wasabi tobiko.

2 x Tsukiji-marinated Yellowfin tuna

2 x Salmon

2 x Hosomaki
With tuna, spring onion and cress. Topped with trout roe.

4 x Surimi Roll
Surimi, teriyaki syrup, fried potato, sesame, umeboshi, wasabi roe and cress. Rolled in togarashi chilli.

4 x Cloudy Rainbow Roll
Surimi and cucumber. Flame grilled with langoustine crème and teriyaki syrup. Topped with dehydrated tomato, spring onion and crispy kataifi.

4 x Spicy Tuna Roll
Tuna, cream cheese, wasabi tobiko, spring onion and ”yamagobo”. Rolled in chives, topped with chilli crème and crispy lotus root chips.

8 x California Roll
Surimi, avocado, cucumber and sesame. Topped with avocado crème and crunch.


(8 pieces +120,-)

Karma Crunch
Tempura shrimp and avocado. Rolled in masago and crunch. Topped with chili crème, crunch syrup and cress.

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Please be aware that…

The menu must be ordered by Tuesday, October 22nd. 

The menu can only be redeemed Wednesday, October 23rd.

  • The Wednesday menu and the weekly supplement roll change every week
  • The Wednesday menu must be picked up before: 6:00 pm
  • If you wish to enjoy the menu in one of our restaurants, you you can book a table at any time of the day.
  • By ordering the Wednesday menu to enjoy in one of our restaurants, you MUST order the amount of menus and supplementary rolls you would like in the comment of your online table reservation or mention it to the staff if you call the restaurant.
  • Since we have a lot of orders every Wednesday, the Wednesday menu must be ordered on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m the latest.
    For orders on the day, a fee of 50 DKK will be required
  • The weekly supplement roll can only be ordered when ordering a Wednesday menu
  • It is not possible to make any modifications or changes in the Wednesday menu.









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